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Confused about anything? We’ve put together a bundle of Frequently Asked Questions that should alleviate that confused feeling.

If you have any further questions or queries about the services offered by Allpet House Sitters, please do not hesitate to call or email.

What Is House-Sitting?

House and pet sitting is the arrangement for someone to live-in your home whilst you are away in exchange for the free accommodation. It is the best solution for you to have the peace of mind when you go on holiday knowing that your pets can stay in their own environment and they will be well cared for by a registered Allpet House Sitter. The pets will not get stressed with their loved ones being away as the sitter who moves in will be personally hand picked to suit your situation. For instance, if you work part time, then we will allocate a part time working sitter to care for your pets, so they aren’t left too long by themselves. The pets are kept in their normal routine, so they do not suffer from ‘Separation Anxiety’.

Why Use AllPet House Sitters?

There are many house sitting agencies that you can choose from but quite a few of them are not based in Perth and they have never personally met the sitters unlike Allpet House Sitters. We personally interview all the sitters and get to know them before we take them on our books. The Allpets Office Team are all pet lovers, so we can ensure our sitters are pet lovers. We only take sitters on the books if we would have them in our own home. We have very high standards and only take people who exceed our expectations. Using Allpet House Sitters ensures that you have a live-in sitter to care for your pets and home, giving you peace of mind whilst you are away knowing that your pets are being well cared for. There are several reasons to use Allpet House Sitters: The pets can stay in their own home and familiar surroundings. It is a lot cheaper than kennel costs and you don’t have to worry about taking them to the kennels on the day of your departure. Security – The Sitters will live-in the house as you do; collecting the mail, newspapers etc. The garden and pool will be well maintained and your plants will be cared for in your absence during the hot weather. Ongoing 24 hour supervision of sitters. Groceries can be put in your fridge for the day of your return (on request). We also give the sitters 24 hour support and living locally we are here to help sort out any problems whilst you are away.

Does The Sitter Stay Overnight?

The house sitter is contracted to do so. Allpet House Sitters also provides a Neighbour’s letter for you to give to your neighbour. If they notice anything untoward then they can call the Office on the emergency number (after hours only) or the main land line number so we can sort out the problem ASAP. In the 10 years of the business operating I have never had a call from any neighbour but the contingency plan is there, should there be anything that the neighbour notices and needs to report to the office.

How Do You Select Your Sitters

All sitters go through an extensive interview to ensure they are pet lovers. They have to prove that they have experience of looking after a pet by owning one in the past. They also provide two references and a police clearance, to prove they are trustworthy and reliable. We double check all references we receive, so that we are confident a sitter will be suitable to take on our books. Sitters are also required to post a bond as a further commitment to the position.

Do You Have Insurance?

All sitters are covered by Public Liability Insurance when they are house sitting. The owners also have to hold a normal household insurance policy in case of storm damage or a flood, etc.

What Areas Does Allpet House Sitters Cover And Are you Based In Perth?

We are based in South Perth and we provide sitters for the CBD and Metro areas. We do find it harder to find suitable sitters for the country areas. The further you live away from Perth the harder it is to find a sitter for you.

What Is The General Age Of Your Sitters?

The sitters are all mature and the majority range between the ages of 30 and 70.

What Is The Length Of Time That You Cater For?

Generally 1 week to about 3 months.

Who Pays For The Utilities (Electricity Gas...)

The sitters take on the utility bills if the sit is over three months in length. However, the majority of the sits fall within the three month period. Sitters have their own mobiles and do not need to use the owners’ land line. If a wifi limit is exceeded, the sitter will be bound to reimburse the owner for any additional usage charges.

What Do I Need To Provide For The Sitter?

The owners would provide a bedroom and linen for the sitter — although some sitters have their own linen. The sitter looks after themselves as far as their food is concerned. The owner would have to ensure that there would be enough space in the fridge and wardrobe for the sitter to put their belongings.

Do Sitters Bring Their Own Laptops?

Many sitters have laptop computers and many require email / internet facilities. You can discuss with your sitter if you are willing to let them use your internet.

What If Something In The House Breaks And Requires Repairs Whilst I Am Away?

In any situation something can go wrong. Washing machines can break down, plumbing can fail. I provide a Manual for the owners to fill in with the plumber , electrician, pool etc contact details so that the sitter contact them to sort out any problems. They also keep Allpet House Sitters in the loop so that we can help out with any problems too. Allpet House Sitters office staff are on 24hr contact with the sitters providing assistance if required after office hours.

Will The Sitters Have Any Visitors Whilst I Am Away?

The owners will nominate how many visitors the sitter can have before they leave which is input in the Deed and the sitter will respect the owners wishes.

Can I Put Some Parts Of My House Off Limits To The Sitter

Most owners include the master bedroom and the study as a ‘No Go area’ for the sitter but this is purely up to the owner and the sitter will respect your decision.

Will I Meet The House Sitter?

You will meet the house sitter a couple of times. The first time is to ensure that you and the sitter feel comfortable with each other and so the pets bond with the sitter. The second time is for the sitter to learn the ‘runnings’ of the house and bond again with the pets.

What If The House Sitter Is Taken Ill During The Stay?

Allpet House Sitters will find a replacement at no extra cost – the main thing is that your pets are well cared for. One of the office team would move into the house until we can find a suitable replacement. This has only happened once during the last 6 years.

How Can I Be Sure That The House Sitter Will Look After My Pets And Property?

Allpet House Sitters will do regular check ups and monthly inspections to ensure your property is well looked after.

Do I Have To Pay The House Sitter?

No, the sitters are compensated by not having to pay rent while caring for the client’s pets and home.

If My Pet Is Ill, Will The Sitter Take My Pet To The Vet?

You will leave the vet details in the Information Manual as provided by Allpet House Sitters. The client arranges ahead of time with their vet to pay upon return.


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